Photographer |  Nathan Oldfield 

Every year, The Noosa Festival of Surfing who have the perfect right hand pointbreaks and timely autumn easterly swells… The Noosa Festival of Surfing attracts a global crowd of surfers to come to this memorable event! The centre of folks that come to compete and the various ones that don’t, are here to relish a masterful riptide of vibes and lay eyes on the inspiration of breakthrough, contemporary chronicles of surf culture.

Photography | Andrew Gough

It’s then eve, a hang loose party wave at Tea Tree, a game of Ping Pong at Halse Lodge and a beer or two… at Thomas Surfboards Party. Nathan Oldfield then gets in the drivers seat and grabs a chair with his fellow longboarding crew, scope for a few waves and capture the moments of limitless, admirable videos through a scope of his plausible eyes.

Pure paradise.

salty sweet.