Cities Speak, sometimes in merely a whisper other times loudly, pompously and brash. They swap stories intertwined with jargon through their live journals. A reflection on moments gone by and share inside jokes that if you paused long enough to their language, you may just be led on.

Culture Machine degrees a real emotion, captured on film or Photo. Culture Machine has evolved their roots of inspiration and inconsistencies.

They never fear or hold back, count or miser with their thoughts and feelings to the openings of their arts. They show that the true creation from an overflow, an intake to ingest, receive, nourish and not afraid of their full potential. It’s like a tidal wave that carries them and sweeps you into their very own experience. They have a constant persistent flow and overflow.

Free Radicals opens your world that little bit wider. Each film and image is unhindered, honest, and real. In their story of art, there is some frantic energy the same but more and more in their “free rad pad”.

The most beautiful thing about their lifestyle shots, though is the ‘just because’ bringing an instant gratification of the “extraordinary in the ordinary”.


1 | Whats the history behind Culture Machine, and the name? 

Culture Machine is a boutique creative + talent agency. We specialise in social media content creation, and work with social influencers to create original content for fashion and lifestyle brands.

The name was something I came across reading an academic journal whilst I was at university. I had an empty folder labelled ‘culture machine’ sitting on my desktop for my whole first year at uni, and knew I wanted to do something with it eventually.

Like the Gen Y ‘Slashie’ – we do a little bit of everything…  But at the core, we’re content creators with an appetite for the off-beat.

From the beginning, we focused on developing an identifiable and unique aesthetic. So the majority of clients that we work with contact us because they like our aesthetic and want us to have a strong part in developing their imagery and branding. So we have a lot of involvement in creative direction as well as production coordination.

2 | Evidently you guys are based in Bali but also around Australia! Where did Culture Machine originally start?

We’ve recently relocated to Sydney. We’ve been based in Bali for the last 3 years, and still do work over there, but majority of our work now happens in Sydney. I started the concept and registered the name in a hotel room in Vegas!

3 | What’s the main vision for Culture Machine?

Our central aim and ultimate vision is to create exciting, original content – by the youth, for the youth. We are very much youth-oriented, as we’re all young creatives ! We’re part of the pro-sumer culture. Producing the content that we consume. And this is a pretty cool space to be in.

4 | Do you aim Culture Machine at a particular audience? 

Yes, as mentioned above, our audience and target market is today’s youth – the people we live and work with, the skaters, the photographers, the free spirits, the gen-y rebels.

5 | How did you come across Free Radical Tv and where do you find your gorgeous models? 

Free Radical TV was an initiative spawned from a Culture Machine trip to California in November 2015. A group of us went over to the states on a sponsored road trip to shoot content for Australian fashion labels. We decided to document what happened, and found ourselves running into a series of weird and wacky people and wonderfully bizarre situations.

A reality show, a Gen-Y sit com, a DIY doco – we’re kind of like ‘The Real World’, a little bit like ‘Friends’, nothing like the ‘Kardashians’, with elements of ‘Freaks and Geeks’, and characters akin to ‘SKINS’. One thing we can be certain about – is that we’re always spontaneous, and love to entertain.

Or, alternatively,…we’re a narcissistic new-gen clique making a TV show about ourselves…?

In a world where Instagram following is social currency, and where carefully selected images depict the perfect lives, we’re out to break the rules and show you a raw VHS handycam version of what happens behind the iphone screen.

Our agenda is to infect our viewers with a
 joie de vivre. We want to make you laugh, we want to make you smile and we want to make you pick up a camera, a skate board, whatever it is, explore your local neighbour hood, and find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

All of our models were scouted either via Instagram, or out on the street.

6 | What can we expect from Culture Machine? 

Since moving back to Sydney we’ve re-connected with our roots in street style and street photography So you’ll be seeing a lot more urban content as opposed to our bikini / beach work from Bali. We’ve also signed up some epic new faces that we can’t wait to introduce to you !

7 | The fashion photography and branding art direction has evidently gone through a drastic change over the years; do you think there’s hope for upcoming fashion photography and the branding art direction for Culture Machine? 

I think it’s important to understand and move with the trends. We always want to be one step ahead of the trends, whilst also being relevant and accessible to our audience. It’s always a bit of a balancing act for us, especially with the commercial work that we do. So it’s about moving with the now whilst injecting little bits of the new into whatever we do.

8 | Best memories and favourite pastimes at Culture Machine? 

Anything that goes down at the Free Rad Pad. We all live together in the one house. and we have a spare couch for all of our mates that come to visit. The house is always filled with energy and laughter and electric creativity. There’s never a dull day at the rad pad!

9 | Biggest highlight?

Moving to Sydney with our best mates and co-creatives

10 | What’s something we don’t already know about Culture Machine?

We eat heaps of popcorn.

Yasmin xx






Salsa Dancing |  @LUKA.R_FILMS–  & Kai Suteja




Photography + Creative Direction | @YASMINSUTEJA

Models | @LUKA.R_FILMS + @KATHEBBSS (@culturemachinemodels)

Styling | @KATHEBBSS




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