Mayfair Kytes are a 5 piece band from Melbourne fronted by singer / songwriter Matt Kelly and Austin Busch. They offer us something a little different with both their music video and new single “Sleepyhead”. Their sound incorporates elements of folk, jazz, chamber music and post rock all tied together by tightly layered and interlocking vocal hooks and 60’s inspired harmony arrangements.

Matt and Austin have a level of coherency of sequence, sound narrative that mirrors the artists who is increasingly connected with their ever – developing band within realm of possibility personal truth and not simply just an artefact.

Sleepyhead has this feel to it like it’s something that we wake up to life as it is opposed to as we hope it is, imagine it is or want it to be, and we have to do that over and over again throughout our lives for the different degrees, so we don’t think it goes away.

Sleepyhead and their other tracks,  hits you like a hallucinogenic, a synth delirium suddenly takes control. Reactions like this it would seem like the masterminds behind all this fuss, Kelly & Busch, is after our soul but if you listen closely to their intimate beatings, really it’s Kelly & Busch on their own that is surrendered in their own making.

The idiosyncratic video, directed by Melbourne Artist Thomas Russell, who hand – animated the piece, is as alluring and tantalizing as the song is itself. The Contemporary dancer Geoffrey H Watson is front and centre in the clip, creates this scenario of shedding heavy layers of clothing and of each movement becoming more systematic, authentic and a bold audacious move in a bountiful, tranquil story.

“The film-clip is about coming out of a dark place, shedding the things that hold you back, not being constrained by male stereo types…shedding the past,” says Kelly.


Matt Kelly | Vocals, Guitar

Austin Busch | Vocals, Guitar, Keys, samples

Jack Nicholson | Drums, samples

Phoebe Jacobs | Vocals, samples




1 | What is the background behind and how did come up with the band name? 

A previous drummer and our current bassist, Anthony Liddell, thought up the band’s name. It doesn’t exactly mean anything; pretty sure, it is just a pretty pairing of words.

2 | Was there anything that inspired you guys to come together?

Yes in the early days the band was put together as a project that would play exclusively with a string section, it was just a two-piece and a string quartet. I wanted to put on these very intimate and magical shows, which the first few months we achieved. They were full houses at most of those first shows. However, as it does it grew into something different, now we resemble somewhat more of a standard band line-up.

3 |  How long did it take for you two to be able to produce the amazing melodies you guys create?

It took about 2 years of writing, workshopping and pre-production, then we began recording the record.

4 | Is this way of approaching life and your music something that you have come to learn over the past few years? Or…

No, I have been intensively working on my craft since I can remember.

5 | Did it get to a point where you guys got impatient? 

I have definitely become impatient at times, but overall I think being in a band ultimately teaches you patience, because you are negotiating between a number of lives constantly.

6 | Where has been the best place for you to write songs? 

For me I like anywhere where there is solitude. I have a fairly sweet studio and rehearsal space where I live so I don’t have to go too far.

7 | What are you guys up to, during the next couple of weeks? 

Next couple of weeks we are gearing up for our debut album launch April 8th @ the Workers Club. Then the Sydney launch April 28 @ The Vanguard.

8| Best party / event you guys have played at?

Any of those early shows with full string section were some of my favourite live shows to date.

9| What are one of the worst habits you guys have between the band?

Being too busy can make organisation hard, but generally, everyone is very good.

10 | Favourite pastime? 

Uhm, MUSIC! And food. I live in Brunswick so I am spoilt for choice.

11 | The most memorable moment you guys have had? 

The birth of each new music baby.

12 | Lastly are you guys ready to spill the beans on something we don’t already know?

Our drummer’s name is Jack Nicholson. True story.




8 April –  The Workers Club | Melbourne | Vic

28 April – The Vanguard | Sydney | NSW



salty sweet.