The heartless ‘Rich Man’ the cruel subject of the trio’s first song off their most long – awaited fifth album Love is a Dog represents the coup de grâce of a symphony of works. 

The record so irreverently out of step with the times it might just be, by some kind of magic, completely in harmony with them. A collection of quixotic violin, the throbbing tremolo guitar and Emily Lubitz’s voice reflections on emotional terrain all covered.
A record so delicately emotive and brimming with a kind of universally touching forsaken melancholy.

Tinpan Orange heavily stylised folk music so effortlessly mastered is only born from a lifetimes singing and playing together. It is odds on a favourite for record of the year with the aching sweeping romanticism.

 “We are enjoying playing as a trio at the moment…I like singing in that space and I love to hear Alex (Burkoy) fill some of the spaces with his strings. Our shows are intimate, and when I’m feeling safe and sound, I will tell a few stories and share some thoughts…and Alex might even tell a joke!” says Lubitz.

Emily Lubitz | Vocals

Jesse Lubitz | Guitarist

Alex Burkoy | Violinist



1 | What is the background behind and how did come up with the band name? 

We kinda just made it up. We were using one of those recipes you use to get your porn name i.e. first street, pet etc.. However, it was about a place and a colour and something else…. There were a bunch of us sitting around one night, we were just throwing words into the air, and somehow Tinpan Orange stuck. We used to make up stories that it had special significance, like our grandmother was famous for her orange marmalade she used to cook in a tin pot in Africa… But they were all lies.

2 | Was there anything that inspired you guys to come together?

Jesse is my big brother and it was probably our dad who introduced us to our love of music, to listening to it and playing it. He taught both of us our first chords. Then we met Alex Burkoy at Woodford Folk Festival 10 years ago. We were there as punters with a whole bunch of friends and one night our whole camp was woken up by Alex’s violin soaring through the night air. We met him the next morning and found out he lived around the corner from us in Melbourne, so we started playing. The rest is history.

3 | How long did it take for you two to be able to produce the amazing melodies you guys create?

I started writing songs when I about 18. Mostly terrible songs about all my massive heart aches. I think it took us a while to write better songs. And I’m still working on it really.

4 | Did it get to a point where you guys got impatient?

I think with any creative process you have moments of impatience. It’s that moment when you feel like you are deeply down the rabbit hole and you’ve been working for so long, but the end doesn’t seem close at all. If you push through that frustration, it’s often, soon after that you feel like you’re on the home stretch. As I get older I am more aware of this feeling and I get less panicked about the impatience.

5 | Where has been the best place for you to write the songs? 

On my bicycle. On the train. Walking. I like to be in motion when I am writing… Then I get home and quickly record the ideas on my phone.

6 | What are you guys up to, during the next couple of weeks? 

We are releasing our new album; Love is a Dog on April 8! It’s been a long time in the making so we are pretty excited to set it free…

7 | Best party / event you guys have played at?

We played at the big day out after party in Melbourne. It was a totally weird gig for us to be playing and we felt very out of place. It was interesting to see the debauchery of such a penthouse, cocaine, thousand dollar cheese platter, famous person after famous person scene. You know what, it was actually pretty boring as far as parties go. However, from the outside it looked good….

8 | What are one of the worst habits you guys have between the band?

Cigarettes after gigs. Love them but not good for the health…

9 | Favourite pastime?

Eating. Singing. Dancing around my house to Dire Straights (with or without clothes on). Eating. Yoga. Knitting. Swimming in natural bodies of water. Eating.

10 | The most memorable moment you guys have had? 

Singing back ups for Martha Wainwright every night we were on tour with her.

The power going out while the support band played for our Melbourne album launch for Over the Sun and we had to play to a sold out crowd without lights or amplification and the crowd was pin drop silent and I walked off stage and cried cause it was so beautiful.

Nearly singing Waterfalls by TLC with Paul Dempsey on Rockwiz but realising neither of us wanted to do the rap bit so we did Hall and Oats instead.

Singing Waterfalls by TLC with Clare Bowditch on the radio and just left the rap bit out.

Making more than $1000 while busking bare foot in Darwin 8 years ago and never feeling so rich before or since.

11 | Lastly are you guys ready to spill the beans on something we don’t already know?

We are going on the road with the Cat Empire in Oct/Nov for their European Album launch tour!




15 – 17 April – Fairbridge Folk Festival | Fairbridge | WA

29 April – The Grand Poobah | Hobart | TAS

1 May – Fresh on Charles | Launceston | TAS

7 May – Toff in Town | Melbourne | VIC

14 May – Civic Hall | Mullumbimby | NSW

15 May – Old Mueseum | Brisbane | QLD

20 May – The Vanguard | Sydney | NSW

27 May – The Workers Club | Geelong | VIC

28 May – The Railway Club | Darwin | NT

4  June – Fly By Night | Fremantle | WA

5 June – The Wheatsheaf | Adelaide | SA



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