It all starts out with a whisper of sports and a whole lot of attitude: that cool cap thrown on for good measure, a hoodie left on for extra comfort, a pair of trainers worn on days that required a lot of walking. Then the inevitable happened: sports fashion grew up and with it; the lines between style and convenience were blurred. The athletic influences became less obvious and something about them screamed of pure vibrancy.

Now, the athletic trend has taken one final step forward to find more juicy and rich inspiration completely erasing any gap that may have still existed between what is fashion and what is practical as gym gear. The Upside has this burst of energy within their sportswear that mentally and physically it brings that colourful light and the body teams up with it.

The endorphins rush once you get out the door. We are instantly transported into a summer of youth. The Upside sharing a boho chic aesthetic, use of colour and distinctive designs. The Upside is this perfect nostalgic collaboration in the true meeting of minds.

It’s a look at the cultural shift towards casual dressing, runway to the street.



1 | When and where did The Upside start? 

THE UPSIDE is the brainchild of Jodhi Meares. A fitness enthusiast herself, Meares found it difficult to find activewear to support her whilst training but also keep her looking stylish for afternoon meetings. THE UPSIDE was founded to fill the gap in the market of fashionable activewear that would transition with you throughout your daily activities.

2 | Tell us about The Upside?

We are a print based company that values quality and comfort without sacrificing aesthetics and fashion.

3 | How does the team come up with all of these sorts of designs for The Upside and how did the Be You Campaign start?

Our designs are the evolution of Jodhi and her team and their many travels and experiences. Twice a year our design team take off to a new corner of the earth to spend time sourcing prints, gathering inspiration and translating that into a new collection.

The Be You campaign launched in Feb 1st 2015 and our second Be You campaign launched in July 2015. The campaign was about accepting who you are as an individual, just as you are. It is never about the goals you have in the future or aspirations for something greater. It is about loving yourself, for who you are and promoting the same acceptance for those around you.

The thought was long and hard when we were putting this campaign together. However, we wanted strong women from diverse backgrounds who would ignite ideals of self worth. The Upside is an activewear label that promotes a fit and healthy lifestyle, but first and foremost, we believe that true happiness comes from a healthy mind.

4 | What is the difference between the evolutions of different brands of active wear compared to The Upside and how has The Upside been able to keep up with all the new materials and designs? 

I can’t tell you what other brands are doing, but THE UPSIDE is evolving with the needs of our customers, as well as the trends in fashion. We source new materials year long and work to creative innovative fabrics and designs each seasons.

5 | What has been the biggest highlight / memorable moment that has happened for The Upside ?

It has been humbling for our team to be welcomed with such enthusiasm and praise in the fashion and sports industries, however, the highlight for most of our staff was the launch of our Be You campaign. We were able to speak up about self-love and acceptance and lead that conversation. We enjoy producing those types of conversations in everything we do.

6 | What is the latest and greatest coming out by The Upside that we all don’t know about?

Jodhi & our design team have been working around the clock on incredible new designs and fabrics. They have been having a lot of fun sourcing vintage pieces, like our Souvenir Jackets (exclusive to our Bondi Junction store), and are working to produce more projects like it.

The upcoming seasons are getting better and better and reaching new heights – we are looking forward to sharing them with our customers.






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