While you are on a merry dawdle, we often imagine that a troop of modern-day minstrels is plodding along behind us, providing the perfect soundtrack to our citrus-tinged deliberation. There are times in life when all you need is some music to jump around the room to, and when those moments arise, we suggest you pop Tigertown on the stereo.

Although, I have been meaning to tell you about Tigertown for quite a while now, and with their fresh announcement that they’ve jumped on board to celebrate their Lonely Cities Tour this winter. Today seems as good as any.

The Sydney four-piece – made up of three full-blood siblings and one sibling-in-law – appear to have figured out how to beat the winter blues through music, making these important tunes to have by your side for the next few months staying with you for years.

Making jangly folk tunes with just a hint of tingly synths, strumming guitars, and floaty melodies. Each track heard plasters a toothy grin across faces, and would make the ideal soundtrack to an old-fashioned summer road trip, complete with lolly scoffing, scenic pitstops and plenty of laughs along the way.

To celebrate their Lonely Cities Tour, they’ll be performing it in its all-nostalgic glory, track by track live on stage. A word of warning: you might experience involuntary foot-tapping, a general urge to jump about, shake your tresses with reckless abandon and throwing your whole body into the experience, front of stage into a radiant shower of sprightliness.

It’s about time that you give it a whirl, quicksticks.


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1 | As cliché as it sounds since you’ve probably been asked this question a thousand times… How did Tigertown create themselves? How did you guys meet?  You guys seem like you all have a close bond!

Yes, ‘close bond’ is right. Tigertown started when my brother Chris (guitar) married Charlie (lead vocal) and then they recruited myself (keyboard) and our sister (bass) to play in the band. That was 5 years ago now.

2 | What inspired the shift into a more folksier sound? 

When we started, we had made an EP in Chris and Charlie’s apartment and that had a more folkier sound because acoustic guitars and mandolins were all we had in the room. Over the past five years, it’s developed into a different sound. We now have fun with sampling and vintage synthesizers now.

3 | Describe your sound in three words?

Fun, happy, dance

4 | Can you tell us about the song writing process of Lonely Cities? 

The first three tracks on the EP were written and recorded late last year with an amazing producer based in LA named Tommy English. These Hands was written in Chris and Charlie’s old apartment three years ago and Always was written in a lodge up in the Blue Mountains (NSW) two years ago. So, the song writing process has been quite varied but it was awesome to get the five songs together last year and finish them all with Tommy.

5 | Where have you made some of your records?

Our recording has been all over the place in the last few years. The recording process begins from the moment the song is first written so we’ve recorded anywhere from our homes, a friends basement, the Blue Mountains (NSW), London, Los Angeles, New York. However, this EP was completed in the aforementioned Tommy English’s home studio.

6 | What has been the career highlight so far? 

Touring with St Lucia.

7 | You went on tour with St Lucia who are also great musicians and amazing people! How was that like?

It was the best. We’d become really good friends with the guys over the past year and to tour with them was such a dream. We have a very clear memory of being in a car together when we first heard St Lucia’s Elevate on Australian radio a few years ago and we all fell in love with it. So to be dancing on stage with them during that song in Chicago was a great moment for us.

8 | Do you guys have any hidden talents we don’t know about? 

Charlie can play banjo, Elodie is a great cook, Chris is a very good surfer and I can tie my shoelaces all by myself.

9 | Now you start your tour on Friday! For your latest album Lonely Cities in Australia! Sonically it is much bigger than your other records… Can you tell us about how that has changed? 

We’ve always named Fleetwood Mac and Michael Jackson as our two biggest influences and I think for our newer stuff we’re leaning more towards the latter. I think this new stuff is just way more fun for us to play so it’s going to make this tour more enjoyable for us and hopefully the audiences enjoy it too.

10 | What is it going to be like driving around on tour? 

Not too much driving on this tour; because Australian cities are so far apart we’ll be mostly flying. But when we do the long drives it usually consists of three people sleeping, one person driving, and one person DJing.

11 | What are we going to expect to see at one of your shows? 

Five people playing instruments to create music. There will be a bit of dancing and sparkles too.

12 | Strangest idea / drawing you guys ever wrote on paper or on your phone? 

Oh, I don’t know. I was very bored in the studio one day and on my phone, I created an artwork out of extremely close up images of people skin tones from photos on social media. It was originally to prove a point on how much one person’s skin tone can vary in different photos but ended up being a pretty cool piece of art that we joked about being a potential cover for an album in the future.

13 | The dance moves between you all… 

Think an un-choreographed Jackson 5… If they were very average dancers.



1 April | Newtown Social Club | Sydney | NSW                                                       SOLD OUT!

2 April | Northcote Social Club | Melbourne | VIC

7 April | The Foundry | Brisbane | QLD

8 April | Beach Hotel | Byron Bay | NSW                                                                 FREE ENTRY!

9 April | Solbar | Maroochydore | QLD

15 April | Pirie & Co, Social Club | Adelaide | SA

16 April | Jimmy’s Den | Perth | WA





salty sweet.