Australian brand Barney Cools have been causing a bit of a stir in the world of men’s attire for a while now, and their latest offering – School of Barney Cools– continues in their style bending tradition of a laidback diversion. With genuine boisterous, tangled, vivacious, and tailored finishing’s. The lackadaisical melds their highbrow fashion sense of ‘cools’ with the wearability of the full collection.

Thanks to the Sydney-based seamsters, the dapper chaps of Barney Cools are here to sharpen up your wardrobe. With patterns ranging from the ever – so reserved to the fun and nostalgic retrospective of pure tranquillity, cool and tasteful vibes. 



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1 | Well-known question! Can you give us a background on Barney Cools? How did it all start? 

Barney Cools was an idea that came about whilst the founder, Nat Taubman former ZANEROBE designer, was living in a tree house in Whale Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He lived in his board shorts and he saw a gap in the market for a brand that revolves around the laid-back, aqua submerged lifestyle that he was living.

2 | Can you tell us a little bit about the philosophy behind Barney Cools?

We’re at our happiest when we’re getting salty and chilling or having drinks with friends, this is the foundations of the brand. We work hard during the week, but jump at chance to whip out the board or catch up with the crew. We’re boisterous, we just want to have fun!

3 | What makes Barney Cools threads different compared to all the other labels?

We know our customer, because we are our customer, we make threads that your average dude can relate to and easily throw on. Being the younger brother of ZANEROBE means that we’re able to source the latest and highest quality fabrics. Decades of experience in our design and production team mean that we have the know-how to create amazing quality garments. We thrash our clothes, and so do most dudes so this is a pretty big thing!

Basically, we’re just a group of dudes that make clothes we love to wear.

4 | What is something we don’t know about Barney Cools? 

We have a life sized pelican statue in our showroom.

5 | Favourite Pastime? 

Road trips for sure! There isn’t much better than getting out of town for a few days of uncrowded waves, beers, and carry-on with the fellas.

6 | Best memories at Barney Cools? 

The feeling you get when you see your products hanging in a store window is pretty epic, and then when you see dudes cruising around in it, it’s hard to beat!

7 | What was or is the worst habit Barney Cools you guys would get into when you were just starting out and now? 

Burgers & hot chips for lunch. It was a bad habit… it still is a bad habit. But all the Cools team is obsessed. It’s the reason we have elastic waist style pants. haha

8 | Best party / event Barney Cools has been too? 

That’s a tough one! If you’re following our snapchat (@barneycools) you’ll understand how many fun activities we get up to.

We hosted the Glue store Christmas parties in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The Glue team knows how to rip it, three Tuesday nights in a row things escalated beyond belief.

Our trip to Fiji for Your Paradise festival was pretty next level too.


Ok here we go lets exchange words:

1 | Road Trip – ‘HEY COW!’

2 | Munchies – Potato scallops

3 | # – PoolsideEtiquette

4 | Track (music) – Champagne problems (HNNY Remix) – Dante

5 | $10 – Thai lunch special

6 | followthefishtv – Outrageous!

8 | Segway – Hope you fall

9 | Froth – Beer

10 | Beer –Froth


salty sweet.