Howdy – doo Salty Sweet friends!

There’s something a little different in the air. The breeze has gone from something tepid to icy, blossoms are filling the trees and looking blooming splendid, and we may have flashed our ankles once or twice releasing them from our summer daze. (oohh ahh)

Hopefully your piggy banks are filled to the brim and ready to crack open, because you will want your pockets full of cash before you head into The Village Markets and bump into the two craft masters behind BeYou SkateboardsBeYou Skateboards are full with oodles of design and all huddled together under one extravagant crafted tent. However, if you were to miss out on the treasure troves of their inspiring arts of life! Not to worry you can catch them online. Phew, busy much?

The nature adorned with more nature is our favourite kind, so these wood slices are right up our cruising alley. They are made by carefully cut pieces of Canadian Maple and applied from sketchpad to full assembly. Once mastered using resin, the satisfied glow of the end result BeYou Skateboards sleekly sculpts an individual geometric design.

When two men dig this kind of craft and probably wouldn’t be described by your buddies as dextrous, modifying something that’s already been made is way easier than producing a rad creation from scratch. Their etched skateboard project, for instance: All they needed was some wooden utensils, a wood – burning tool and steady hands, and they wind up with a work of art. They both have a pretty darn creative calling to designing skateboards.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to their authenticity of patterns.








salty sweet.