See those handsome fellas up there? They call themselves Rüfüs Du Sol, and we recommend that you listen to their tunes. They are an absolute knock out!

Rüfüs Du Sol laid the blueprint for disco and subsequently house and techno when they launched the first and fabulous diva of electronic music record, ‘Atlas’, releasing several smash hits and recent new album ‘Bloom’ after their massive break.

The Rüfüs sound varied wildly depending on their calling, starting out with percussive, rhythmic leaning experiments, moving into their trademark robust, high energy robo – disco, to their epic, evocative critically – praised dance staple. Rüfüs is an influence that can not be overstated, and it’s fitting the most influential dance acts over the last couple of years should be the ones to coax the old master out of the woodworks.

‘Bloom’ is a record so irreverently out of step with the times it might just be, by some kind of magic, completely in sync with them. Their instrumental dance, evolved into an undeniable, joyous infection. The vocal samples have a meaningful weight of themes of love, dependence, and desire. These themes are consumed by their own buildings of rhythm on each track of their album, rather than being an attempt to ape nascent sounds of Australia at the time of their approach. Developing slowly but surely moved in larger, louder concentric circles in the music world as a result of their growing oeuvre. Time spins into colourfully elusive consequences Rüfüs favouring and capturing a vibe rather than delving into detail into a kind of cosmic way of revealing more by saying less.

Fast – forward Rüfüs is now blasting across the entire spectrum of Australia with their debut album, ‘Bloom’. Transmitting from pirate radio stations and blossoming out of the cracks performing in city’s monumental spheres, ’Bloom’ glows with a melancholy ecstasy buzz.

They might be young, they might be free radicals, but these kids have something huge. I guess that’s why they’re wanted on every festival line-up you can imagine these days.


“When we approach the live show I think a really exciting thing for us is to re-imagine the songs and try to bring a new dimension and new journey to our music.  A big part of what we do whether it be writing a record or performing it live, is that sense of progression and that sense of tension and release,”
drummer James Hunt explains.  “We’ve been absorbing so much live music lately so there are a million little things we want to try.” 
Canadian duo Bob Moses will be supporting nationally, as well as Byron Bay electronic outfit, Tora.




29 April | The Barton Theatre | Adelaide | SA

30 April | Red Hill Auditorium | Perth | WA

4 May | Hordern Pavillion | Sydney | NSW

5 May | Hordern Pavilion | Sydney | NSW                                                                           SOLD OUT!

6 May | Festival Hall | Melbourne | VIC                                                                               SOLD OUT!

7 May | Odeon Theatre | Hobart | TAS                                                                                 SOLD OUT!

23 May | Festival Hall | Melbourne | VIC

14 May | River Stage | Brisbane | QLD













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