Goody goody goody. TORA is back for the first time after spending 193 days of groovin and ahh swingin’ through the streets of Europe! The Byron Bay lads are back on home turf out here pairing off with the super overdue headline tour RÜFÜS DU SOL, spreading the boogie over Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, and Auckland NZ. Phew!

TORA is a band of the past. Not a scandalous one, mind you – there are no fishy skeletons dangling in their closet – but one full of vocal amazingness, arty experimenting and new musical beginnings.

Often when artists release their ‘best of’ singles, we just nod politely and smile. However, TORA’s recently released fresh new EP single ’Latp’ has tickled our fancy. The mix of electronic sounds TORA have  put together is a serious toe-tapping, dance floor carving collection of the best of the bands work over the past few years.

TORA have written some of the most awe – smackingly inspiring songs, we have ever heard. There is certainly something eerie about their hypnotic tunes, though in less of a heart-quickening, goosebump-sprouting floatiness.



TORA has one of those entrancing voices that manages to sound like an entire choral arrangement while chilling you to your very core.



1 | Where is the weirdest place you’ve roadtripped to? 

Probably Riga in Latvia, we drove for 36 hours from Zurich, through Germany, Poland, and Lithuania.

2 | Which five songs make it onto your ultimate roadtrip mixtape, and why?

  1. Bob Moses – Tearing Me Up
  2. John Mayer – Gravity
  3. Disclosure – What’s In Your Head.
  4. Alt J – Hunger Of The Pine.
  5. Balthazar – Bunker

To keep the drive interesting you need to have an eclectic range of music to listen, and these songs just keep us in a good mood.

3 | Three essential items you guys would take on your trip?

  1. Pillow to prevent a broken neck
  2. Yoga mats so the floor is a bit comfier.
  3. Gameboy colour with Pokémon haha

4 | Tell us a tale on the road or on flight.

When we were driving to Latvia from Zurich we tried to take a shortcut through Kaliningrad, which is a small province of Russia. When we got to the border we realised we needed visas to pass through (which we did not have). We ended up having to circumnavigate the state, adding on an extra 6 hours of driving to the already insanely long drive!

5 | Who would you like to be stuck in the car with?

Hmm, it’d have to be someone who has a lot of stories…perhaps someone like Keith Richards, or Anthony Kiedis. Or perhaps Morgan Freeman, cause his voice would be way less annoying than the GPS, so he could direct us.

6 | Dream roadtrip destination? 

Hmm, it’s really hard to imagine places that we’ve never been, but perhaps somewhere like Barcelona. Although Oslo and Copenhagen were pretty much dream destinations, which we were lucky enough to see last year.




29 April | The Barton Theatre | Adelaide | SA

30 April | Red Hill Auditorium | Perth | WA

4 May | Hordern Pavillion | Sydney | NSW

5 May | Hordern Pavilion | Sydney | NSW                                                                           SOLD OUT!

6 May | Festival Hall | Melbourne | VIC                                                                               SOLD OUT!

7 May | Odeon Theatre | Hobart | TAS                                                                                 SOLD OUT!

23 May | Festival Hall | Melbourne | VIC

14 May | River Stage | Brisbane | QLD



salty sweet.