Hark! Oh fans of all things salty and sweet, we have some news for you.

You know that feeling you get when you’re traveling and because you feel removed from every day life, you gain perspective. Suddenly things that you thought were not possible now feel like they are.

Clearly, the good folk of Corey Munn Surfboards is the epitome look on the bright side of life and wild fantasies. He gives the tools and inspiration you need in order to say yes to the things you would love to do.

Corey Munn is an artist, creator, surfer, and (sometimes)  a model of his own unique perspective on life. Spending his time between in his warehouse and North Burleigh, Corey is getting pretty good at living the life by the sea. A talented person behind a playfully hued art of shaping is a belief of art and design should be accessible, inspiring and fun, and after seeing what his offered to the surfing industry, you just can’t help but think that his hit the nail on the head!

Corey’s surfboards are intricate and partly scientific and part created by the imagination and loss of the outside world into doing what he loves. He’s works examine the congruous patterns in elements of anatomy and botany. He shapes an inspiration from the history of surfing, as well as stories of the myths and legends behind surfing from his teenage years.

There will always be a greater divide between mass produced boards and handmade boards. However, there is a place for both. Hand shaping will never be totally phased out because there will always be a customer who values the art of hand shaping and that is where Corey Munn comes in. There will always be sculptors; even still, his art of shaping surfboards is mostly by just his intuition using his own eyes and hands.

I got Corey to answer a few questions and give us some insight into what inspires him in both his art and his day-to-day.


1 | Well known question, can you give us a background on Corey Munn and how did it all start? 

Well I’ve always been on the Gold Coast from Burleigh to Cooly and lived at North Burleigh when I was about 15 and started surfing then. I’ve always loved and been super interested in how things work and are made and making/building things myself so building surfboards just sorta came about because I started getting into surfing.

2 | Can you tell us a little bit about the philosophy behind Corey Munn Surfboards?

I don’t know if I’d say there’s any real philosophy. I’m just really interested in building boards and learning absolutely everything there is to! That is why I do all my own work start to finish, I get a lot of satisfaction being able to improve, and progress, and that is what keeps it exciting and fresh.

3 | With all the style, materials and technology in surf-craft and the independence of constructing your own surfboards. The growth of Corey Munn Surfboards must be such a great thing for you there’s opportunity here for all style. Is there anything you would like to say about that?

Yeah of course the growth of my boards is great for me and allows me to do more of what I want and is partly due to people’s view being widened but with people willing to try anything means there’s a lot of b/s and crap boards out there being pushed on people which I’m really not into unless I know a board works I’m not gonna make something just to make something that’s out there or ‘cool’ at the moment because there no point!

4 | What’s something we don’t know about Corey Munn Surfboards? 

Something many people still don’t know and surprises me is that I 100% handshape, glass, sand and finish all my boards!

5 | Favourite Pastime? 

Fishing for sure! Still a lot of the time completely takes over surfing.

6 | Your best memories? 

I don’t know if I can pick a best memory but my first trip to California was a hell time!! With a heap of epic people.

7 | What was or is the worst habit you would get into when you were just starting out and even now? 

Haha worst habit at the factory is probably going to the bakery wayyyy too much!

8 | Best party / event you’ve has been too?

The Noosa/duct tape two years ago was pretty all time we had good waves and all the homies there for a weeklong.


Ok now lets exchange words, first thing that comes to mind!

1 | Road Trip.

2 | Art
Anthony Lister.

3 | Froth

4| #

5 | Beer

6 | Single Fin
I don’t like short ones.

7 | Music.

8 | Hamish Laing



salty sweet.