It’s no secret we’re mildly obsessed with all things crystal at the moment made with love! The latest love and addition to Salty Sweets directory is Violet Gray…a tightly edited collection of jewels and global trinkets inspired by the wandering world and nomadic aesthetic.

Violet Gray has led to create pieces, which are not only beautiful, but continues to empower the tradition of objects that harmonise everything around us. Connecting us with the world, with the core desire of joy and passion everyday in all that we do.

The ancient and mysterious alchemy provides inspiration from Violet Gray’s jewellery line, which features the symbolic methods of honesty, integrity, purpose, and passion. The elegance of their pieces never lose touch by the love of tribes to mother earth, sacred geometry energy, music, and consciousness awakening.

Thrilled by the no-two-pieces-exactly-alike the promise of each jewel, having been cut from a unique crystal, you are instantly in love with the foundation that has been in touch with honour, love, beauty, and sentimental values. Edged in silver and each slightly different is built from passion for personal intention that is most powerful as you being the supreme activator of your life.

There are fascinating explanations on crystal energy and properties to read up on, on the Violet Gray website, where you can explore the entire collection,  shop jewels online and the following of  Violet Gray’s lifestyle.



Violet Gray is spiritually passionate. They are the unique pieces, each of one with their own history. 


I had the opportunity to interview one of the inspirational gorgeous sisters of Violet Gray.
It was decided that she wrote in purple as this is one of her favourite colours.

1 | When and Where did Violet Gray start, how did you come up with such a beautiful name for the business?

Violet Gray was born into the world on the 10th of March 2010 – in real physical form – our niece! Miss Violet Gray, a rather free spirited 4-year-old now. 

I was floating around the Mediterranean working on Yachts and our oldest sister, Scarlet was pregnant. I cut up all of my beaded, leather, stone bracelets and made her a ‘blessing strand’ which is basically a length of stones, seeds and beads that is filled with the creators energy. I sent it to her, love filled and rustic, explaining that all of the strength and support I had to offer was in that strand. When she held it, she held me.  

Fast-forward to 2012 and my boyfriend and I were living in Bali. I was creating and when it came time to name the selection of jewels that I had been creating, Violet Gray just felt right. She was the very reason I began… Years later, we still love the name and story behind it just as much. Here is to hoping we do for a lifetime to come…. 

2 | Can you tell us a little bit about the philosophy behind Violet Gray? 

Gosh – I guess we understand that life is without meaning – apart from the meaning, you give it. Fashion to me feels empty without purpose, or a story. How much more do you love something you own or wear when it represents something important to you? Or reminds you of a memory? This is why each of our creations is birthed with a story, one that we can all connect with. Then when you choose to wear one of our pieces, we encourage the wearer to attach their own meaning / story / intention. Every time you then look at your piece – you are reminded and just like that, your existence has more meaning. 

3 | Where do you get all the eye-capturing crystals from and what is the process you take to make them?  They are all one of a kind and so authentic!

Oh thanks for your kindness Jenny! 

In 2012, we hand made every single piece. However, as we have grown over the last 3 1/2 years, our capacity to hand make has been exceeded. So now, we design all of the pieces and work with artisans from all over the world to bring our visions to life. I like to hand pick as many of the stones as we can and then also, work alongside our co-creators. It is a rule of ours – we only work with people that we have met in person. The connection is stronger and the understanding of one another more clear.  

4 | I would love for you to share to us the meaning behind the Intention Circle events you have and all the other ceremonies Violet Gray puts together.

Sacred experience is another element of Violet Gray. You know that you are doing something aligned when you can’t really explain how things come about or how you ‘learnt’ to do something? Or even why you really love it… 

Holding space for women is just something we are passionate about. I guess it is a similar principle to the jewellery – except it is an experience. Both connect you more deeply with yourself. 

The Intention Circles, are so incredibly moving. An intimate group of no more than 20 women we come together to connect – to ourselves, to nature, to all that share the space and to our innate ability to be uniquely creative. The night is centred around stringing your very own intentional, crystal and sterling silver beaded bracelet. Through stillness we guide you to feel into an intention and then that word / feeling / intention guides the creative process. At the end, I am able to give each participant a ‘crystal reading’ where I explain the piece you have created. It is always so aligned with the individual intention – women are so much more intuitive than they realise. In addition, this realisation is a subtle gift that comes from the whole experience – connect with yourself, you know more than you think you do!
Watch a previous circle here:

Blessing Ceremonies, are a celebration of one woman at an important time in their life, whether is be the birth of a child, an impending sacred union (Marriage) or after hardship, when a sister just really needs to be raised higher. It is a traditional ceremony passed down from the Navajo women. I feel blessed to adopt their sacred structure and modernise the aspects within the experience.
You can read more here:

Then Women’s Circles are a by-donation fortnightly evening that we have just begun to hold. This is a community offering on the Gold Coast, all proceeds are going towards a larger plan involving youth. These evenings are an opportunity to come together with an intimate group to learn new ways to speak, to listen, and to relate with others. It is through hearing each other’s stories that we can grow and evolve. We feel less isolated, less ‘strange’, and less alone. With compassion and kindness, these nights are designed to cultivate union. No judgement or criticism, just a safe place to express ourselves and explore the collective wisdom. We are more the same than we all realise.
More info here:

Woah – so many experiences eh?! There is something magic that occurs when women come together in circle and ceremony. If you haven’t already, seek it out and give it a go. 

5  | What has been the biggest highlight / memorable moment that has happened for Violet Gray?

My sister Frances joining the crazy Violet Gray ride in November 2015. We co-own this little label and I couldn’t do it alone, or with any other. We really balance each other – both operating from head and heart, although we are like a seesaw and tend to swing and (re) balance each other. She just had a baby – little man Jude, so right now, our communication is via phone almost every day, but it is just so cool to work with your sister. And to grow together… 

6 | What’s the latest and greatest that is coming out by Violet Gray that we all don’t know about?

I might have to keep it a secret at this stage as we are still conceptualising – but I can whisper that the vision involves more travel, more artisans, and sacred creations beyond Jewellery. Watch our space… 

7 | Three favourite crystals and why?

Personally, right now, I love:

  1. Manifest Quartz (she grows other crystals inside of her) and has the ability to absorb your biggest dreams and desires. I have one in front of my screen right now. 
  2. Aquamarine, always. I have worn a solid ring for 12 years that was crafted by hand in Sri Lanka. It is said to hold harmonising, calming energies and when I wear it I just feel more ‘home’, regardless of where my feet land. 
  3. Rainbow Moonstone – for her dreaminess. I wear a really translucent piece and depending on the angle at which you look at it, you see rainbows. It reminds me that we are apart of a cycle and that adaptability to the greatest tool. 

The best thing about crystals? YOU make their meaning, it is all about how it makes you feel. Follow your own guidance, forgot the rest… 




salty sweet.