No matter which corner of Australia you’re curled up in today – or of the world, for that matter – we recommend giving these new tunes a whirl.

The local Melbourne lads have managed to mold themselves out of a previous band in the summer of 2010. Into a perfect sound of melodies for any manner of activity, be it huddling indoors in a drizzly daze, prancing about in sun-soaked glee the swoony vocals, popping harmonies and a bluesy vintage vibe.

The quaternary band are as seen as a bit of crafty exercise: warm, honest lyrics stitched together with harmonies layered over a tapestry of colorful beats with an intoxicating euphoric rhapsody running through our veins in many of the band’s songs.



“Life can throw so many speed bumps and The Hiding has experienced its fair share of these. It can be deflating and soul damaging, however, these are life lessons we all experience and Karma My Life is about accepting these journeys, appreciating the turning point and celebrating the ‘positive experience’ that changed your life.” – Lyricist and guitarist Anthony Salce.

Fast – forward they saw themselves tour Australia, and the USA, supporting some of the country’s most respected national and international acts. Due to direction of change. It was at this point they came out of the shadows and The Hiding was born.

Releasing their debut self titled Ep in April 2012, produced by Jimi Madroudas (Kimbra, The Living End) mixed on the roads of Los Angeles by world renowned mix engineer Mark Needham (The Killers), kind of a big deal for them, hey?  The two singles from the EP were spun on records across 140 college radio stations throughout the USA and Canada.

Some of the band members went adrift and attended the CMJ’s (2011) and SXSW (2012) to the get the feel for what a band that’s internationally respected to the produce goods with a background of knowledge about the international music market.

Tom Moore their newest drummer delivered in a package on their front door, oh mary! They became the performance of Sone Festival headlined by Van Halen, Aerosmith and Billy Joel and the Forum sporting New Zealand’s 6 | 60. phew!

Hitting the studios again in their free and easy attire it was their focus to take the songs abroad to generate an overseas phenomenon.



They teamed up with masterful Italian sand artist Fatmir Mura for the video clip, the result sees Fatmir’s signature live, handcrafted sand images tell the story behind the song. I don’t want to give anything away though, so why don’t you raise your heads and see for yourself.

I was chuffed that they wanted me to interview The Hiding and all the ditties coming from the musical minds of the Australian group The Hiding you shall seek below.
If your ears are giving you the satisfied thumbs up and I’m sure no doubt they will! You can find out more from the band here!

If you like what you see and happen to reside in Victoria, they’ll be launching their shows on the 29th April at Rifle Brigade Hotel, Bendigo for the Groovin The Moo Eve Party.





1 | How did you find the inspiration behind the band name?

We were creating a new sound. We didn’t want anyone to be able to pick the genre by the name. As we were not gigging while writing the new sound – ‘hiding’, if you like – we decided to name it ‘The Hiding’.

2 | How did the band form?

Two of the original band members went to school together. Once has since moved on now to family life but we are all still best friends. All the others came through friendships made throughout the journey. We have a very different line-up to our traditional band. We now have Ryan and Myself (Anthony) as the band and writers. Stewart Winchester, Tom Moore and Chris Salce as members of the live crew.

3 | What are your earliest musical memories?

Watching ‘Back To The Future’ and seeing Michael J Fox play ‘Johnny Be Good’. I made my family friend teach me that song soon after.

4 | So we all need a clubhouse – where do you find you hang out and make music the most?

It used to be the bathroom. Loved the natural reverb. Now I use a dedicated music room where I can track the ideas down.

5 | what goes through your heads when you’re up on stage?

Once I start playing, actually nothing. It’s when I shut off thought and just perform.

6 | Was the greatest thing about living in New York is what helped you inspire your music?

Yes. It had such a social energy, and loved seeing all the bands etc. I guess I needed to leave the comfort zone too.

7 | What have you guys missed the most about Australia whilst being overseas?

Loved ones, safety, just knowing where everything is, and not living in a rough area – so loved the experience but was nice to be back in a safe area.

8 | Where is the dream place to perform?

A stadium!

9 | What are your best skills outside of music?

I am a property professional; it’s in my family.

10 | What’s next for The Hiding?

2 more singles, and another video clip!


29 April |
Groovin The Moo Eve Party |  Rifale Brigade Hotel | Bendigo | VIC

6 May | Mynt Lounge | Werribee | VIC

21 May | Revolver | Melbourne | VIC




salty sweet.