Did you wake up with a salty sweet string of music floating through your head? If so, you may have some psychic tendencies to look into, or a dripping sense of energetic synths which twinkles in the background and elsewhere. Seductively oozing you towards a breeze into a promised land.

Adelaide duo Auguste recently dropped a swoon with their glorifying new single ‘Kingdom’.  also speaking of their debut track, Auguste, says,

“Kingdom is about personal space and the challenges we face when others are invading that space in a negative way…it’s really a bit of an ‘eff you’ to anyone who has ever tried to control you or tell you what to do.”


Melodies by this duo should come with a doctor’s certificate, they’re so infectious.


Have you got them down in your diaries? thought so. Get your freak on and listen to more of Auguste sublime tunes, and head on over here for all the extra info you’ll need.



1. So, What’s the story behind Auguste? In addition, tell us about the name.

Auguste is a new musical project that Beth and I started in the month of August! Its also the month that someone very close to us past away. And it’s a cool band name 😉

2. What’s the dream, say in the next five years for Auguste?

Touring the world of course! Also, writing, recording and releasing more tunes. We can’t wait to hit the stage with all the songs we’ve written as Auguste.

3. What attracts you to the style of music that you play?

We get to produce and pre-produce all of our tracks ourselves, which gives us so much more creative control over the end result. We love mucking around with all the different synths, beats and sounds in Pro Tools and Ableton and coming up with some awesome electro pop tunes that allow us to write really hooky melodies over.

4. Tell us about where the inspiration came from behind the film clip for ‘Kingdom’?

We wanted to get some more creatives involved with the clip and contemporary dancing seemed like a good idea. Jess Statton and Aiden Dane Munn (two main dancers in the clip) choreographed the whole thing and they did a great job of expressing what the song is about through contemporary dance.
5. Who would be the dream person to creatively collaborate with and why?

We would love to have Japanese Wallpaper produce our next single. He creates some of the most amazing tracks that have inspired me when I am writing my own music. I especially love his track ‘Breathe In.” I really connect with it. He also does some awesome remixes; you should definitely check him out!

6. Where are you on a Saturday night and where are you on a Sunday morning?

Saturday night I am usually out watching live music somewhere local or eating delicious food and drinking delicious wine! Sunday morning I’m either in bed or out the back taking endless photos and videos of my dog and cat.

7. If you could live in any era, which would it be and why?

Seventies! I have always said I belong in the seventies and why was I introduced into this world at the wrong time!? haha. So much of my favourite music was created in the seventies and it just seems like it was the best time to be making and watching live music… so much damn fun! Woodstock!!

8. What is something that nobody would know about Auguste?

Out mascot is my 6 month old sausage dog Yokee. She even helps us out in the studio sometimes 😉


salty sweet.