I had the pleasure to talk with this beautiful wild west wonderer who doesn’t know where she lives anymore. An unhinged monkey spending most of her time behind the lens, leather bound books, with friends and family, her MONSTA tribe, thinking about the ocean and hiding in places along the coastline.

Where is the hell is she now?
Try to catch her here or here.


Her name is Jo Brebner and she has this unique muse of life, like night and day. You suddenly become so caught up with her own sweet way of life within her bewildering saga of a pipes dream.

The life of Jo is not just the search for waves or paradise. She engraves the search with the fact of indulging in that place within her head that tells her to run. When the strings of her heart twang a little out of tune, she leaves. Loads her shit into her backpacks; takes the fins out of her board and goes.


I guess that’s what travel allows us to do – until suddenly you don’t know how to face the thoughts inside your head. Suddenly the only things that will comfort you are airports and the great ocean road.

Therefore, she keeps looking and the search is far greater than she ever realised.

The fact is she demonstrates the search as far from nothing by being yourself.


1 | How would you describe your style?

Seriously a bit of everything!! Haha but definitely pretty laid back coastie surfer.

2 | What are you listening too?

Right now I’m sitting in the airport listening to Chet Faker’s ‘Talk Is Cheap’ the version he does with piano, it’s pretty good on the ears! I listen to anything and everything depending on the mood/situation.

3 | What does a day in the life of Jo look like?

It changed all the time! Some days I’m working 12+ hours trying to save for travel, some days I’m adventuring and catching up with friends, some days (the best ones) I’m free and traveling! The most constant in all of these days will always be time spent in the ocean though 😊

4 | You seem to travel a lot! What are your travel essentials?

Camera, travel wallet and a good book.

5 | What do you love about surfing?

All of it, the places it takes you, the endless adventures and amazing people you meet on the way… Not to mention the pure stoke!

6 | Sunrise or Sunset?

Sunrise. For sure. I’m always up with the sun, it feels so good to start the day early, you get so much more done.

7 | The best piece of life advice you have ever been given?

Ha, so many it’s hard to choose and it’s always going to be changing depending on what I’m going through, but atm it’s: ‘work hard, stay humble’ – powerfull little line that reminds me I stay focused with direction however remaining humble in all I do.

8 | What’s the top 5 things in life you can’t live without?

1. Food
2. Water
3. Air
4. Family
5. Friends

9 | How do you stay so positive in what seems like a hectic lifestyle? I swear you’re in one place then the another the next day!

Yeah my lifestyle is pretty all over the place atm!! I just finshed up 5 months of no work and a bit of travel and have gone straight into having four jobs and working like 7days a week haha bit of a contast. I’ve found for me personally to stay positive is to have acceptance and understanding in all situations. Even though I’m working so much atm, I’m loving it! I have acceptance and understanding that it will lead me I my next adventures and travels and I’ve surrounded myself with good crew!! Those few points are key for me to keep positive 😊 it’s all in the mind and you have complete control of that.

10 | I am absolutely in awe with your gram,  the photos are beyond amazing! Do you owe that to anyone? You have a massive fan base on social media is that important to you and has it helped you get jobs.

Yeah I’ve been really lucky to have some great photographers as friend and some unreal opportunities to shoot with some talented people. No, I don’t take social media too seriously, like most things, it has it’s good and not so good points, it’s totally what you make of it! If Instagram shut down tomorrow I wouldn’t really mind it’s just a fun way to document moments of my life! I think people get way too caught up on it.

11 | Lastly where are you off to next? both mentally and physically.

Where to next? Always the big questions in life haha. Physically- I actually have no idea atm, all I know is that I’m going in June/July 😊 it could be working overseas, surf trip or moving down south. I’m not sure what yet but I cannot wait, it’s going to be an epic little adventure! Mentally- just working on my personal growth really, simply trying to be a better person than I was yesterday



salty sweet.