Oh boy oh boy oh boy. If your arvo is feeling a little lacklustre, we have just the thing to add some much needed oomph.

TASTE  a heavy rock band born in the 70’s have finally reunited back together. If that news has suddenly given you those excited tingles – the kind that comes from the knowledge that this clever 70’s teen rock band is finally going places again!

Describing this bands music can be a bit tricky feat, 70s, blues-tinged rock ‘n’ roll with a hefty dose of swagger and fuzz; you can almost smell the stale cigarettes of a grimy roadside pub and feel your soles stick goopily to the carpet as you listen.

The band features the dual guitar attack of Murdoch and Amenta, Tortoni (Bass Guitarist) and Corniola (Drummer). They inspired a pop image, meaning you could probably dig out that pirate shirt, and fishnet gloves when you go in for a listen. It seems ridiculous but who gives a damn! There are plenty of reasons why we think it is ace!


Both LPs reached the top twenty in the Australian charts and are the epitome of hard rock classics.

Peaking into their career they played for crowds as large as 13,000 people and 7 Marshall stacks! They had appearances on every major concert and TV show including Countdown and Hey, Hey it’s Saturday! Touring with Suzi Quatro, The Sweet, Skyhooks, Sherbet, TMG and Hush just to name a few. The English rock band Queen admired them. Quiet a big deal for a couple of teens, huh? Queen played Taste’s ‘Boys will be Boys’ every night on tour before they went on stage. Although unfortunately later on due to management problems and poor marketing Taste never achieved the success they very much deserved. Been asked to tour America and be signed to Sire Records in USA but broke up before releasing anything. It really grabbed and broke hearts to thousands of fans across the world and with many tears shed.


“I started singing in shitholes when I was 15, by the time I was 17, I was a veteran of pub rock alongside Joey and Michael. We had been booed, spat upon, and ignored until we got it right and that’s something bands don’t have anymore. But once you get it right and that crowd love you something magical happens between the two of you. I don’t see that happen much anymore”.

It has been 40 years since we have heard the sounds of these crazed legends, and we can tell you right now that their new record is even catchier than when they set the world alight in the 70’s. Now the band is back together they render us speechless as they have enough vocal amazingness to produce a bigger than ever sound for the world in their recent release of 10 new originals ‘Rock is Dead’.  It will empower anyone who listens to it to celebrate the true sound of rock.

As sickening it is by the lack of what real rock has been directed as in the 21st century, Taste’s lyrics explore and destroy the media frenzied world that seems to accept its stars by the amount of exposure offered to them rather than be the virtue of their talent. From spouting fierce riffs and contagious energy, the group spins some pretty great messages about powerful wander and spirits of independence, and we’re all for a little bit of these sorts unruly urges to arise again!

“People need heroes and singers and bands they can trust. That’s why U2 are still strong. Every so often a Sex Pistols or Nirvana comes around. Its unstoppable”.

In the past Taste had graced matte pages many times, but it has been far too long since they have actually stepped foot (and thus vocal chords) on our shore, don’t you think?

Now playing in the pub circuit in Melbourne, playing at the popular venues such as the Prince of Whales, The Toorak Lion and The Corner Hotel in Richmond.

In this western world society there is too much breaking news that it is spilling over the edges. Our little chat with Ken Murdoch,  Taste maestro, gave a splendid use with repelling awesomeness. No ifs ands or buts just sheer witty splendour.



1. What inspired TASTE to get back together again?

I’d written a short story called “The Doppelganger Effect” which I thought might make an interesting lyric for a song. I did a demo and thought it sounded like it might suit TASTE so I asked the boys if they agreed and before you knew it an album started to take shape. “The Doppelganger effect” didn’t make it to the album alas.

2. Given that you had such a massive success in your previous works, has there been any pressure to live up to expectations of this modern western society by modernizing rock? Are you going to keep the classic rock, the authentic style TASTE had in the 70’s that hit charts all over the world?

When we entered, the studio 7 years ago to make ROCK IS DEAD we had to fight to get our sound heard. The engineer wanted us to sound like THE CHEMICAL ROMANCE. Not that there’s anything wrong with them but that’s not us. So this time we recorded at my studio and took our time and made sure it sounded like us. No pressure to sound contemporary, which never seemed to hurt bands like Queen, Metallica and Foo Fighters.

3.  At such a young age, you guys were preparing to tour America with Freddy Mercury and Co. with the imminent deal of Sire Records in the U.s and that’s such a massive deal in the world or music. Although at that time your parents came in and broke that deal, how did that feel?  I am sure it pulled on many of your heartstrings at that time.

I was at the meeting with Seymour Stein from Sire when he heard the Taste albums and decided to sign us. Unfortunately our parents weren’t. They had been approached by a wealthy wine merchant who had promised to pay us a wage, buy us new equipment, fly us everywhere and put us in the best hotels etc. Although some of that was true he knew nothing of the music business (he once referred to Cold Chisel as “Cold Cheezel”) and record labels sign managers as well as the bands. I did not agree with going with the new management and eventually he broke up the band.

4. You had the likings of Queen when with your signature hit ‘Boys will be Boys’ when you used it as pre-gig fanfare for the A Night At The Opera tour in 1976. As a teenage band, you would have influenced the world with your success. TASTE must have been in absolute shock by the impact it had.

In retrospect, I think Taste would have had a good shot at breaking into the US. We had the experience of playing to pub crowds 6 nights a week and learnt to handle them, which the American bands didn’t. I think with the right producer we could have done something good. We certainly had enough contacts. Ritchie Blackmore and Jackson Browne (!) were fans too as well as Queen.

5 . As a Melbourne Rock Band, you have a new album coming out called ‘Life on Earth’ where did the name ‘Life on Earth’ come from?

The more songs I wrote, I noticed there was a theme emerging. The complicated, messy and destructive way we treat the planet and each other. So LIFE ON EARTH became the title song. Lyrically it asks, “Why do we act like animals” (Which is a bit insulting to the animals now that I think of it).

6. How did it work out coming back together in the studio after such a long time apart?

Joey, Michael and I have been together since our school years so in the studio it all came together remarkably quickly. Once Damian joined it seemed complete.

7. Are there going to be any more records to come after this one?

It took 7 years from ROCK IS DEAD to LIFE ON EARTH so let’s hope if there is another it’s a little quicker than that. I’m always writing and now we have found our groove, I can’t see why there couldn’t be another album in us. We were just about to send the album to get mastered when I wrote another two songs “A Room full of Angels” & “Scream” so we went back to the studio and recorded them. So we are always creating.

8.  You have a series of shows coming up, what can fans expect?  They obviously missed you.

The shows will be dedicated to featuring the new album. Having said that we will be playing some of the old songs and some from ROCK IS DEAD. We are experimenting all the time onstage so every show is different. Sometimes a 5-minute song like “Sanctuary” ends up going for over 10 minutes!

9.  Now you guys are back together do you ever go back, flick through your vinyl’s, listen to your own music back in day, and look into how much rock has changed in the 21st century?

Personally, I don’t listen to the old stuff but if it comes up on my iPod, I am usually pleasantly surprised. I think it’s time for original bands to take over the world again. It seems to happen in a cycle so maybe we could be a part of that, sending kids back to guitar shops trying to figure out how to play I AM GOD!

10.  Do you think down the track TASTE will have a world tour? 

We’ve had interest from Germany, UK, France and Japan so who knows what could happen. We are releasing the album in Europe in June. The last album generated a little bit of interest in Europe. I’d love to show the world what Taste is like live!


1 JUL | Crowbar | Brisbane | QLD

9 JUL | Fowlers Live | Adelaide | SA

14 JUL | Frankie’s Pizzeria | Sydney | NSW                                                        FREE ENTRY.

16 JUL | The Corner | Melbourne | VIC



salty sweet.