23 JUNE.


Oh, The Paper Kites, we’ve missed you so.

Their pursuit of emotionally intense, delicate harmonies and a charming energy, it’s just as sparkly, upbeat, and dreamy as The Paper Kites ditties that have come before.

They have ripped the walls down through the tough Australian music scene and let alone cementing their name in the saturated folk scene. Straight from the sticky – floored rehearsal room between the hours of 12 to 4 am is the one band that seems to capture the epitome of a successful Melbourne quintet group, The Paper Kites.

Over the space of four years, and four releases, the band has maintained a dynamic identity, constantly altering their sound with each sonic offering. ‘Twelvefour’ has settled on an ethereal yet moody plane comprised of harmonious utterings, lush melodies, and nostalgic tastes of where the band first began.

It has won over tens and thousands of fans worldwide by their newborn two EPs now the fan base has reached over 170 thousand and counting. Their highly anticipated debut album, ‘States’ which then debuted to #17 on the ARIA Album Charts and #5 on the Australian ARIA Charts. With their just recently released album, ‘twelvefour’ it has debuted at #8 on the ARIA Album Charts and #1 on the Australian ARIA Charts.

It can’t get better than this!

Their first single that was released ‘St Clarity’ from ‘States’ working with ARIA award winning producer, Wayne Connolly (You Am I, Josh Pyke) at one of Melbourne’s most prestigious recording studios, Sing Sing Studios.

Crossing borders with their own headline tours and in support of Bombay Bicycle Club, Josh Pyke and Boy and Bear.

The Paper Kites are the perfect example of talented musicians of this century.

The band’s loyal, word-of-mouth fan-base – built off the back of EPs Woodland and Youth North, and tracks ‘Bloom’, ‘Featherstone’ and ‘A Maker Of My Time’ – The Paper Kites.
Combining them with over six million YouTube views and huge online support, their spell – bounding performances see the band step up to the next new level of demand.

The Paper Kites felt the need to leave their humble abode to record ‘twelvefour’ between the hours of 12 to 4am. As much as they loved Melbourne, it is believed that it is important to gain inspiration from a fresh scenery. Being in a place where all they could really focus on what were they doing there and Seattle was a calling that they knew they were well far away from home.

Lead singer Sam locked himself away in his home studio every night between those hours for two months straight and wrote 30 songs.

It was wild to write until you are so tired that nothing sounded too over-worked – songs didn’t feel restricted by a commonly analytical brain”.

‘Electric Indigo’  from their debut album ‘twelvefour’ released on August, 28. Directed by up and coming filmmaker Matthew Cox and the team at Indimax Productions, the video stars actress Laura Brent (The Chronicles Of Narnia, A Few Best Men) and was set at local Melbourne haunt, Dance or Go, a club known for kicking out patrons who are not dancing. More like a late night 80’s version of love.

‘It’s actually part one of three we’re doing, we wanted to do a trilogy of videos all set between the hours of twelve and four,’ Sam says. ‘So they’re late night stories, different characters and different towns but still the same kind of idea, but just different stories between twelve and four.’

The Paper Kites will be kicking off their National and North American tour this June following the release of the brand new video ‘Renegade’ when working with world-renowned producer in Seattle Phil Ek who has worked with, Father John Misty, Manchester Orchestra, Fleet Foxes and The Shins.

Celebrating the dynamic relationship between music, film and documenting their rehearsals and writing which will be released later this year.  The Midnight Tour promises to be an immersive and aesthetically pleasing live experience. The tour will open at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney on the 23rd of June after which The Paper Kites will be heading to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and finishing up in Montreal, Oshega on July 31st.


1. What initially drew The Paper Kites to start producing again it would have been a lot of hard work and now your up for your second album, twevelfour!  Word gets around that you were recording between midnight and 4 am. That’s a pretty funky time. Was that the whole reason why you decided to name the album, twelvefour?

After the success of our debut album “States” we were pretty keen to jump back into the studio and begin work on album number two. We didn’t actually record the album from the hours of 12-4am, although it felt like we did some nights. The twelvefour concept came from Sam’s approach to writing the songs.

2 . It must have been hard to record during those hours; do you think you will be ever doing that again with records later in the future?

No I don’t think we’ll approach writing in the same way again. Not because it didn’t produce any good material but simply because we’d like to try other approaches, perhaps a more mundane way like writing between normal daylight hours haha.

3 . What was the concept around recording this album between the hours of midnight and 4am? Was there an influence or a first for everything?  

Yeah this was a concept that came about after Sam had a conversation with a friend. This intrigued Sam and he decided he would try his hand at writing songs from the hours of 12-4am. The concept is based on a theory that those hours are the most creative. People often do Uni assignments, write novels and even songs in the wee hours of the morning. Writing in early hours of the morning also meant that Sam would sometimes write in a “delirious state” which meant he would write a whole bunch of different stuff, his creative juices had no limitations.

4. The tour coincides around with the new release of the music video, Renegade which is hitting Aria Charts. You guys must be feeling pretty stoked for this to happen so soon!

Yeah we have released 3 videos for this new album with Renegade being the latest video release. Yeah we’ve been really surprised and stoked that this album has been getting so much attention and traction. Its nice to know that all the hard work we have put in into making this record is getting some recognition.

5. You recorded some tracks in Seattle with Phil Ek a Grammy nominated producer that has the likes of, The Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty, and Manchester Orchestra. That’s a massive triumph as a band in such early stages.
Can you take us through that experience you had with Phil Ek?

Yeah we recorded the whole album with Phil in Seattle. The whole process was incredible, Phil was like the father figure in the studio and encouraged us to push the boundaries when recording the album. He really tested our rapport and got us to really work hard at getting the sound we were seeking. We got to experiment with lots of different sounds and techniques. We spent 3 weeks in the studio at Avast with the band tracking instruments and then Christina and Sam moved to a smaller studio to record vocals.

6. It sounds like you guys have been incredibly busy, have you guys enjoyed being able to explore the world and different environments?

Yeah it has indeed been a very busy few months. If we’re not touring or playing live we have been rehearsing for the next run of tour dates. With lots of touring comes the chance to explore the world which we have been so lucky to do. It can be hard to see and experience different environments and cultures when we’re constantly on the move but we have taken every chance to explore different cities and places whenever we get to tour. My favourite tour to date was our European run of shows that we did earlier this year. We played in a different city/country every night and to be able to immerse ourselves in the European culture was awesome, lots of good Beer, bread and cheese.

7. The Paper Kites ‘Midnight’  tour is taking place in June –  what will be expecting?

Yeah we are trying out some very cool things on this next tour in June. An immersive theatre experience is hopefully what punters get out of the show. This will still be a typical Paper Kites kind of show but with a lot of cool twists. I don’t want to give away too much but there will be darkness, there will be acting, and of course there will be music.

We’re actually heading off to the US and Canada straight off the back of the Midnight tour in Aus for some festivals and headline shows and then later in the year we plan to head back to Europe to capitalise on our recent visit earlier in the year.

8. Did it ever come across your mind and consider the concerts to be held between the hours of twelve to 4am? 

Haha that idea did actually come to mind however I think fans wouldn’t have been too impressed.





23 JUN | Enmore Theatre | Sydney | NSW

24 JUN | |Athenaeum Theatre | Melbourne | VIC

25 JUN | The Tivoli | Brisbane | QLD

01 JUL | Astor Theatre | Perth | WA

02 JUL | Norwood Town Hall | Adelaide | SA










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