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If you are feeling a little undernourished in the musical department, here are some new local ditties to gobble up.

It’s not often Salty Sweet hits you with a dose of musical awesomeness on a Friday but if something special crops up! Salty Sweet just cannot wait to broadcast it to our salty sweet kin. Client Liaison has caused this rhythmic nodding, theatrical lip – synchronizing and you’ll dance! you’ll feel a surprising number of pent-up emotions! However, can you blame us? It’s kinda hard to fight that feeling.

“It’s about letting go of your woes and imagining yourself as something fantastic. Imagining yourself beyond birth and death and being happy,” Harvey says.

There’s what you find in only miracles is an 80’s fuelled Melbourne outfit made up of long – time school friends Monte Morgan on Vocals and Harvey Miller on keys. The band also has Miller’s brother Geordie on guitar and bass backup from Triple J presenter Tom Tilley.


Client Liaison has created a world in which the possibilities are endless. The idea of reality is something to be questioned, and the subtleties of human nature should never be overlooked, but rather observed and celebrated. Their music is so irresistible, carefree and held together with brilliant 80’s synths that are just so infectious that you cannot get their vibrant melodies out of your head it’s what makes them beautiful.

“We like to think that in the ‘80s—when we were born—Australia was on a morale high. We were drunk on our own morale.”

With ‘World Of Our Love’ sending stock prices high with stellar live shows and festival appearances, the band now return with promising high expectations; new tunes, new places, and new get ups.

Client Liaison have been blazing up stages all around the world with their 90’s disco pop/rock having just returned from the US playing shows in New York City as well as their promotional tour of New Zealand. Now on home soil Client Liaison have been heading to capital cities for their National ‘World of Our Love’ Tour in Perth on May 13th.  If you like to boogie and appreciate eccentricity, you should probably try to get your hands on a ticket.

Salty Sweet was lucky enough to squeeze in an interview with the corporate high –flyers whilst they were on tour.

“International in flavour, cosmopolitan in style,” all at once.



1. Can you give us some intel about Client Liaison and what we don’t already know?

We film all our shows and watch them back each night, critiquing every note and step. Our bassist Tom Tilley has been known to miss a step our two so we’ve started cutting his per diems as punishment.

2. What’s the story behind the name Client Liaison?

Harvey would regularly use this term as a vague explanation when asked about his occupation. As it turns out Client Liaison is our lives now.

3. Three words you would never want your music described as.

We’re pretty open to any kind of interpretation, whatever floats people’s boats.

4. If you could each have one musician to buy you a drink, who would it be?

Darren Hayes

5. When do you feel at your most creative?

This would have to be when we’re getting suits made at our tailors.

6. What attracts you to the style of music you play?

We’re all about loosing your vulnerability in order to see yourself shine. Hopefully our music makes you feel happy and powerful.

7. Have you guys encountered a life changing musical experience?

Seeing John Farnham perform his hits, ‘One Last Time’ as an eight year old was a pretty monumental experience.

8. It has been over 2 years since we heard from Client Liaison! Where did you head off too? 

To us we never left. We’ve been really busy this past year touring hard, making tunes, collaborating with other musicians and designing clothes. We can’t wait to display the fruits of our labour, they’re super ripe for the picking.

9. It sounds like your music has been recorded in some interesting places – could you tell us a bit about them.

We like to take our studio everywhere we go. We started out in Harvey’s mother’s attic in Melbourne, where we’d open the windows to record the sounds of Port Phillip Bay. We’ve also recorded in office buildings, warehouses, hotel rooms and beach shacks, pretty much anywhere but a regular recording studio.

10. What has been in store for punters at your National ‘World of our Love’ tour – is Client Liaison planning to spread the love and have a world tour?

It’s been great to test new songs from our album and really refine our dance moves on this tour. We’ve also made some giant water coolers to go on stage and Monte’s been practicing the Didgeridoo to let rip during our more trancey segments. And yeah, most definitely we’ll spread the love overseas this year too.





MAY 13 | Villa | Perth | WA

MAY 14 | Mojos | Fremantle | WA

MAY 19 | The Great Northern | Byron Bay | NSW

MAY 20 | Elsewhere | Gold Coast | QLD

MAY 21 | The Triffid | Brisbane | QLD

MAY 22 | Sol Bar | Sunshine Coast | QLD

MAY 26 | The Metro | Sydney | NSW

MAY 27 | The Metro | Sydney | NSW

MAY 28 | Uni Bar | Wollongong | NSW

JUN 03 | The Workers Club | Geelong | VIC

JUN 04 | The Forum Theatre | Melbourne | VIC

JUN 05 | The Forum Theatre | Melbourne | VIC

JUN 10 | The Fat Controller | Adelaide | SA







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