Even at first glance, it’s hard not to fall into some kind of love with musician and songwriter Sean Koch and the tight – knit love affair of 3 from the roots of Cape Town. Their fusion of alternative folk and reggae with a twist that sounds like a spoonful of honey taken straight from the jar.

Sean Koch Trio is a talented and creative group of musicians that open stunning landscapes of surf roots uplifting melodies with a fresh wave of individual sound. With their new style of music in the industry. The infectious woops and hums that come from the deep base of Sean Koch powerful voice that cascades and cries out through the lyrical ranges of his thoughts and emotions. Sean makes music because it is transportive, the way to a private universe.

With their catchy melodies pulsating through our blood and sticking in our heads all day, it makes it clear that the group have this infectious power of deep connection to bring a positive energy to a whole new world.

1 | What is Sean Koch Trio all about?

We are all about having a whole bunch of fun while putting out a positive message revolved around appreciating everything and taking in whats around us. Love meeting new people so don’t be scared to come hangout!

2 | What have been some of the biggest changes for you in the last few years?

From working in an industry that wasn’t me at all to being a full time musician is pretty crazy! Things have been happening so fast its quite overwhelming! I was playing solo for awhile until Ross (Drummer) introduced my music to Shaun (Bassist) who was really interested and we decided to start the trio. We recorded our first 5 track EP ‘Natural Projection’ . We’ve done a tour through South Africa and are busy with Germany and Holland now so things are exciting!

3 | What was going on in your headspace while you were writing this album?

This album was written over a long period of time. Its quite diverse from ‘Lift You Up’ being a happy kind of love song to Rockbottom Avenue being revolved around someone really close to me who was going through some horrible shit and took me 6months to write it watching them go through different phases. But in saying this, this has brought a lot of excitement and anticipation the two words to describe the feeling!

4 | You have this wonderful fusion of folk & reggae to your sound. Was that hard to experiment with at the start?

Not at all. Ive grown up with my two older brothers always playing reggae from there rooms and my mum and dad really enjoying the folky stuff. So that folk reggae sound was easy to work with. Guitars always lying around the house and my mom making us attend music lessons from a young age made music a big part of my life which im really grateful for right now!

 5 | Is there any music genre you’d love to explore?

I’m really loving Milky Chance. I think they have nailed there genre. An acoustic, singer songwriter way of writing with clean groovy beats behind. Less is more kind of approach. That’s something that we want to bring out more in the next album which we will be working on as soon as we arrive back in Cape Town end of month.

6 | Who are some bands / musicians who influenced Sean Koch Trio’s sound?

Milky Chance, Xavier Rudd, Angus Stone, Iron and Wine.

 7 | What’s been the best thing about you playing on tour?

Being with two of my best mates, playing at cool venues, meeting new people & drinking lots of beer! 😉 Everyday is super exciting, experiencing a differerent way of life and culture and language. Weare trying our best to learn German!

 8 | What would be  the best tour story you have had so far?

We were half and hour late for sound check due to ridiculous traffic heading for a big surf festival in Holland, Surfana Festival. So we decided to get into the emergency lane and just floor it. We did a very brief soundcheck and then proceeded to have one our funnest shows so far on the mainstage with everyone just bouncing! SO much more rewarding and fun!

salty sweet.