Do you ever have one of those days, salty sweets?
The ones where no amount of scrolling through Spotify playlists will help you settle on the perfect artist to fit your mood.

Allow us to propose a cure for your musical woes because we definitely feel like we’ve stumbled across something rather special.

‘GG’ their latest album by alternative rock fellas from Western Australia, Great Gable. Upon releasing their first EP in early May it was absolutely impossible to not feel happy with the uplifting songs and positive vibes from the record.

The hyper – coloured lyrics, rich acoustic guitar tones, complemented by percussion and an idiomatic constant kick to ground the music in its rock / reggae music roots. The dreamy husky vocals it opens with, complete with a slight disregard of intonation, really setting the scene. Not long before the mood lightens the entrance of the drums that are bound to get your feet tapping.

The upbeat, care–free mood that compliments their versatility within a concoction of genres that is clear and evident Great Gable is comfortable and confident in what they are trying to achieve. We’ve gotta say, they deserve all the glowing admiration they can muster.

Now I think it’s time to mix yourself a drink, sit on a balcony and maybe put this album on.  You can find out more on their west coast tour here.


1 | How did you guys get together?

Alex and I (Matt) have known each other for many years; we first started jamming 5 years ago when we started learning our respective instruments. We eventually wanted to put a full band together. Alex studies at WAAPA where he met Brandon and Callum, who I had met previously as well. We decided to audition them mid last year and here we are, couple of best mates doing what we love.

2 | Who came up with the name Great Gable?

The name originally came about from Alex; it’s a mountain near his hometown in England. It was the very first thing we came up with and we were going to change it but thought it was quite unique. Kind of like a blank slate we could paint whatever sound we want onto it.

3 | What bands did you listen to growing up?

We all listen to a very eclectic mix of music, from all different genres. All the way from Australiana rock, reggae to hip hop, punk to blues. Stuff like INXS, The Beatles, The Clash, Queen, Jeff Buckley, Paul Kelly, David Bowie, Dragon, Elvis, Red Hot Chili Peppers. The list goes on!

4 | In 5 words, what is your EP, GG about?

Girls, chicks, biddies, beers, friendship.

5 | How do you feel being on tour especially supporting The Jungle Giants in WA on July 8th?

We’ve done a few regional ‘tours’, they aren’t quite tours because they’re only a few hours down South of Perth and we’re from there, but they’re a tonne of fun! Nothing like a little road trip to play some tunes. The Jungle Giants gig next month is going to be a blast, we’ve actually kind of supported them already earlier this year, but they were well after us. Should be a loose night! Hopefully we’ll get around to doing a legit tour sometime soon!

6 | You do have quite a Brit Rock / Reggae sound – where does this sound come from?

Well you could say maybe from Alex’s English background! In terms of music influence, you can see it in the bands I listed previously. We all love reggae, and we take influence from all these bands but we definitely try to put our own style into it. We have been writing new stuff and it’s not necessarily reggae, more grooves based.

7 | How did you guys celebrate once you heard yourselves on the radio plus just releasing your first EP in May?

We almost didn’t even know about it, we didn’t get notified it was going to be played but a fellow South West band mentioned us on Twitter congratulating us (it had just been played Eastern standard time). I was in the middle of doing an assignment and I was quite confused but I saw it on Twitter and rang the lads and we were all pretty stoked. I sat in the carpark at Uni listening to it, pretty surreal feeling! In terms of celebrating, a quiet drink might have been had that night.

 8 | What have been some of the biggest changes for you in the last few years?

The biggest change was when we became a permanent lineup, things took off very quickly. We won a band comp, which took us to Sydney last year, we won Stagebound to play at Southbound this year until it was unfortunately cancelled. These things came about very suddenly which was surprisingly good.

9 | Do any of Great Gable’s Band members have a secret (or not so secret) talent / skill?

Brandon said he did a superman on his motorbike once (he’s from the farm). Callum has this skill where he can’t seem to do anything until he’s had food, and when he’s had food he has to have more food while doing the thing. I personally admit to being the best cook in the band (it isn’t hard though), and Alex can sweat enough liquid to put out a fire.

10 | Is there going to be a ‘GG’ National Tour coming up soon?

It’s something we’ve thought about, but not quite on the cards yet. Hopefully we’ll be able to get more of a following and look to do some shows down the line!

salty sweet.