Feeling like you could use a reboot looking for the next big thing in Australian Indie – Blues? You may fancy hearing the name MANE for a creative escape. You probably won’t register anything but an irresistible hybrid of notes in your head, unless you paid attention to her whimsical, sweet voice teamed with colourful indie – blues melodies, it is no wonder that MANE has been steadily rising into the spotlight with her new single, ‘Bitter’ accompanied by the fast – paced, nostalgic video directed by the clever Benjamin Lancaster Powell.

Since then she’s been hard at work, threading together fantasies of escapism into an intelligent bluesy exploration. With the release for her up – coming EP. ‘House of Horror’ on June 24 treating us to a long – awaited national tour, showering us with a unique powerful voice.

If this all sounds like your idea of a super-mundane paradise,  have a listen to this enigmatic chanteuse single Bliss’ over here and then pop over here for more MANE goodness.


1 | How did MANE get its name?

I was sitting on the name MANE for a while until I decided to change it. It sort of came from the idea of my hair. Growing up it use to be massive and curly, it’s definitely tamed down since then!

2 | At what age did you know you wanted to become a musician?

I think it has always been a big part of my identity but it wasn’t until I was about 16 that I realized it was what I wanted to do as a career.

3 | Tell us a bit about your background and what got you into music?

I wish I could give the spill and say I come from a really musically influenced family and my dad was in a cool psychedelic rock band back in the day but that couldn’t be further from the truth (ha!). When I was 9 I started swimming competitively and was doing really well with it and landing myself in state teams and so forth. I relocated schools to pursue swimming full time, it’s an insane sport I totally admire anyone that sticks at it long enough to make it to the Olympics, power to them! It’s a super high-pressure sport and quite mentally demanding and at 16 I just sort of burnt out and I didn’t want to do it anymore. I really fell into my music once I gave it up. I had the freedom to spend more time playing guitar, singing, writing and soon performing and when I did that’s when I really found where my passion lies. Best decision I’ve ever made!

4 | What’s touring like for you?

I love touring, it can get tiring, you spend a lot of time travelling and eating food on a really scattered timetable – but I think it’s the best part of releasing new music – being able to perform it.

5 | Are there any places you have particularly loved?

I toured New Zealand in 2014 and it was really fun to be able to take my music and perform it to an international crowd, not to mention how beautiful NZ is!

6 | What was the writing process like on this EP?

Some of the songs I wrote years ago while others I literally finished writing in the studio. Each song was a very different writing experience. Some I wrote in a matter of minutes in a bit of an emotional rage while others I really took my time with.

7 | How did blues and pop make it as your sound?

I guess it kind of just happened. I’ve never really decided that this was going to be my sound but my songwriting took me in that direction. I wouldn’t say that you could place every song off the upcoming EP in that genre but there are definitely strong influences there.

8 | Do you have any other creative outlets, other than music?

At the moment, not particularly, I’m pretty fully immersed into my music but something I’d really like to start doing as a bit of a leisurely hobby is painting and dancing.

9 | What should we expect from your East Coast Tour?

We will be definitely playing all the songs off the EP plus some oldies and newbies of mine. Some shows will be with the band while others will be performed more stripped back in the form of how I wrote them. I’m really looking forward to it; it’s going to be a lot of fun!










salty sweet.