Good luck containing your fist pumps, shoulder drops and, for the unlucky ones amongst us, your white man’s overbite.

Well – versed in the art of melody making, and all that comes with it, Waxhead are a collective of lo- fi multi instrumentalists coming out of Byron Bay who have pursued the craft of piecing together a introspective dream to get lost into.

Hazed out, spaced out kids just there to dig a beat – Waxhead have always written great hooks and melodies laced with dingy, deliriously catchy rock songs devoted to the ennui of suburban existence.

After spending a substantial 6 months overseas promoting their EP  ‘Home’ last April | 15 in Australia, Japan, Indonesia and Europe, the Byron Bay rockers have been back on Australian home soil jamming out on live stages across the coastline and journeyed their way to 60 acre hemp field of dreams with AFENDS. Now ready to jet off again for a European Tour for their new EP ‘Cruise Control’ released this year and was recorded between hitting up Europe and Japan whilst on their last International Tour; hmm we wonder what’s hidden under those sandy shoes of theirs for the next EP.

If surfing’s heyday was about good vibrations, eclectic mysticism, sunkissed sing-alongs, and love, love, love, then Waxhead recent debut album … Cruise Control could not come with a better name.

SALTY SWEET was granted with a bevy of insights into the world of Waxhead.



1 | How did the band meet?

In a dodgy, back alley behind a Chinese Restaurant or Byron High School.

2 | If Waxhead had a band mascot, what animal would you choose and why?

Either a charismatic Sloth or my cat Otto, everyone digs sloths and Otto really gets our vibe.

3 | What was the writing and recording process like for the Cruise Control EP and how much was it influenced by your surrounds?

We demoed 14 songs for the last EP in a makeshift recording studio in my bedroom, which always gives off its charms. Out of the four songs that made it onto Cruise Control, two were written while on tour in Europe in the middle of summer and the other two in our bedroom studio in the dead of winter. The places and seasons definitely influenced those songs, the summer euro vacation songs are much happier, and the winters ones are darker.

4 | What keeps you sane when touring?

Surfing, it’s the best thing in the world when you get to tour the coastline with your surfboards, playing music and surfing. It’s crazy how the ocean cures your brain after a late night, if you can’t surf then your better off embracing it and going dead mad for a few weeks.

5 | What’s the most adrenaline you guys have ever felt?

We got a cheap flight on Malaysian Airlines to Tokyo just after that plane went missing, it was quite a rush.

 6 | You’ve visited many little towns in Australia and major cities across the world, which one has captured your hearts the most?

San Sebastian was pretty mental, Port Macquarie is bullshit as well, and Miyazaki in Japan has the best chicken in the world. All these places also get really good surf so they are complete dream scenarios for us.

7 | You’ve just finished up jamming in a 60 acre hemp field, do you think you’ve grabbed some inspiration off of that to create a next EP after Cruise Control?

Yeah we are full of inspiration, we haven’t stopped writing songs since we finished recording Cruise Control, and we should be hitting the studio pretty hard for the back end of this year.

8 | Your off to Europe in July through till August what are we going to expect?

The unexpected, booze and doobies with a few giggles.

9 | Who has been the strangest or most interesting person you’ve met on the road?

We met Rob Schneider’s daughter in Manchester, she was boneless moshing to all the bands and ended up getting the Waxies fully cooked.

10 | What’s on your to do list whilst in Europe this year and beyond?

Learn to say hello in a few languages play shows, write songs, and enjoy the summertime in Europe.




salty sweet.