It was year 2018 that our lives were going to change forever!

Me and Jay would spend most of our time together driving along the East Coast whenever we got the chance to. Out on the search to find the best set of waves, to fulfil his itch to surf again and again and again! Whilst I sat by the shore playing with my camera wishing I had a telephoto lens to get shots of what he does best.
I found it so mesmerising watching him surf.

As days went on by Jay would sense a change in my mood. Like I wasn’t being myself anymore… I was tired, didn’t want to do road trips anymore and I was getting snappy.

Days went on by and yes, you guessed it! Those words poured out of Jays mouth.
“Jenny, I think your pregnant” My heart skipped so many beats as I replied… “How on earth could that be?”
I had lost my period for over half a year. I saw a Naturopath to work out a plan to get it back. I got it back once, only momentarily, to then lose it yet again for a few more months!

We went and got the pregnancy tests. Well Jay got them because I was clearly shitting my pants at that time. I did the test and they were… NEGATIVE.
Me and Jay were so, so upset! Tears were rolling down both of our faces and I was telling Jay on how sorry I was and that I have no idea what was happening to my body and why I haven’t been getting a period.
That was the day we both knew that we really wanted to be parents.

I stepped everything up to heal my body from the inside and out. So, Jay recommended that I incorporate a Paleo Diet into my life. At that time I was very, very much Vegan. I was big on being against the Paleo Diet because I hadn’t touched meat in years but I also knew I was really low in iron and I was missing a lot of nutrients that I couldn’t get on a Vegan Diet but chose to ignore it all.  My Naturopath even said I couldn’t stay Vegan anymore and that it wasn’t providing me with the nutrients to have a full functioning human body, hormones and all.
I took a massive leap of faith into this lifestyle and tried out what Jay knew (which was honestly so hard) and actually listened to what my Naturopath was telling me to do.
I also had to hold back on long distance running because I had stressed my body out way too much.

I forfeited many things that I loved and believed in to make sure that I was a healthy, fertile piece of woman!

A few months later I got my period!! I had never been so excited in my life, I would actually make Jay celebrate it with me haha… poor guy.

A month went by and it was getting close to my 25th birthday. My boobs, MA BOOBS! were getting bigger… from a teenage bra size to an A cup and they were swollen and sore! I was talking to mum about it and she was saying that it was because my period was coming back.  I was absolutely over the moon!

One morning I woke up and tried the leftover pregnancy tests just for shits and giggles because my period was running late again! As soon as I wee’d on the stick I covered it with a pillow and ate my breakfast. I completely forgot about it until I started making the bed and it fell to the ground.  I picked it up, flipped it and…


I dropped the stick and started crying. I called my mum straight away to tell her that I was pregnant and that I had no idea what to do. We went straight to the doctors to get confirmation and I did another Urine test and Blood test and the results would come back in a week. Shortly after I went and bought different brands of tests to make sure I was pregnant. I think in total I did 7 pregnancy tests haha

The doctor called a week later and it was, POSITIVE!

I was over 8 weeks pregnant and this was honestly the happiest day of our lives.



salty sweet.