Full name: Ismeen Marlane Ashraf Elashiry 

Nickname: Mimi

She is this epitome of creativity, the energy to cut loose and on each post she shares to the world! The magic she beholds is stunning, captivating, infinitely and authentically shows each testament of her own journeys. 

The confidence in a girl is her best friend, identifying and falling madly in love with the things that make you, imperfectly you.

At 13, she did not know what Instagram was so she posted a photo of herself and told she could not do that! Later she took photos of life itself. Her life has changed through a polarised lens in a matter of years and she could not apprehend how she made it as a self – made model and what she has achieved today is quite simply amazing.

This became her most searchable years. Searching for who she was and the love that created Mimi was deserved for herself. The joy she found was dance, the freedom and the creative outlet it brought. The emotions and essence, letting them live through her beautiful moments of sweet, saucy surrender. 

Mimi is like a plethora of beautiful juxtapositions.