Just a regular girl named Jennifer – Sajorda aka Jenny.  Jenny swapped her hungry hippos with the hectic daily grind of working in fast food for more than 8 years to find a more balanced, free, adventurous oriented lifestyle and start her own blog.

Jenny’s story is grounded in absolute sincerity. This story of where a young woman decided to carve the life and career for herself  where only here her health and happiness has and will always be her forefront. She is a passionate lover of life, finding inspiration from all walks of life and with this blog she wants to motivate readers to seek out and explore their own unique experiences abroad, feeding the wanderlust spirit within them! Blending it with topics from adventures, effortless photography, sweet sounds and the views of inspirational beings.

Jenny is all about happiness, freedom and living in the moment.

“Let yourself fall in love with nature. Visit new places and discover your own backyard. Spend more time outside watching sunrises and sunsets. Make time to star gaze. Stand bare foot in the beautiful earth and reconnect your soul to the energy that created you. You are a part of a magnificent universe. Take the time to be present with it all. Allow nature to feed your soul. Those who wander will never feel lost.”